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Healthcare Compliance Pros

Adam Laing is the Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP). He has an extensive track record of driving revenue growth with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-based companies by fostering talent and evolving company cultures to support continued expansion. Prior to joining Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP), Adam served as Vice President at iWorQ Systems, having led the company through explosive growth of doubling the customer base and increasing revenues by over 400% during his 5-year tenure.

Prior to iWorQ, Adam held multiple Senior Executive roles, including Director of Marketing and Sales with New Dawn Technologies (now Journal Technologies), which was acquired by DJCO Board of Directors, including its Chairman of the Board, Charlie Munger, also Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett's long-time business partner. Board meetings with Charlie Munger were some of the highlights of Adam's tenure at Journal Technologies and he credits Mr. Munger for helping to expand the way he looks at building and growing long-lasting companies. Adam's experience in SaaS-based business development helped position the newly formed Journal Technologies with a rapid increase in brand equity and exponential revenue growth.

In addition to technology, Adam gained an understanding early in his career regarding the importance of properly managing compliance through his experience co-founding PFM, a SaaS-based investment firm.  PFM contracted with a former State SEC regulator/attorney to manage the company's compliance. "Unfortunately, after several months into the contract, it became blatantly obvious that the scope of understanding to help PFM manage compliance was well outside the understanding of our compliance manager." The costs already spent, and the additional costs needed to start over again with compliance nearly put the small start-up out of business.  Having this experience years ago is still poignant today for Adam.  He is committed to ensuring that HCP provides not only the best-in-class technology and training but also (and most important) the compliance expertise and support to ensure our customers' success.  Adam stated that "neither start-ups nor tenured companies can endure large setbacks or costs that can come from not being compliant." That is why HCP provides a $1-million indemnification for our customers for losses due to a breach or other concern.  We are that confident! And, by the way, our customers have never needed the indemnification we offer.

Adam has over 20 years of experience working with technology companies spanning several platforms and solutions, including IBM, PPG (GTS Services), and Novell.  Adam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Business from Brigham Young University—Hawaii.


    8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

    Thursday 2023 Module 1 - Legal Bootcamp

    Reducing Compliance Risk for Existing and Acquiring Practices and Navigating Cybersecurity Threats

    • Understanding the healthcare compliance landscape
    • Compliance and other relevant standards
    • Best practices for proper coding and auditing
    • Navigating cybersecurity threats in healthcare
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