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DealFlow’s previous healthcare investment conference, which concentrated on coverage of MSOs, was a big success, particularly as companies continue to use the management structure to build multi-site medical practices and launch innovative businesses in areas like digital health.

As with all our conferences, we asked for input from attendees on topics they would like to see explored in future events. Based on this feedback, we are expanding the coverage of this year’s conference beyond MSOs to examine the full spectrum of business issues related to investment in healthcare services companies.


  • 2022 Investment Outlook for Healthcare Services
  • Hot Sectors Driving Private Equity Investments
  • The Transformation to Consumerism in Healthcare
  • Exploring Trends in Retail Healthcare and Other Business Models
  • New Payment Methodologies for the Shift to Value-based Care
  • Why the Consumerization of Healthcare poses a Massive Investment Opportunity
  • The Impact of Accountable Care Organizations on Physician Growth Strategies
  • Why Hospitals are Pursuing a Retail Strategy for Outpatient Services
  • Perspectives on PE Investment from Older vs. Younger Physician Owners
  • Innovation Investments at Large Health Systems
  • The Rise of Telehealth: More than Just Virtual Visits
  • The Trend Toward Seller-friendly Transaction Terms
  • How Covid is Driving both Patients and Deal-makers to Remote Care

Investment Strategy

  • Investment Opportunities in Highly Leveraged Companies
  • Asset Deals vs. Stock Deals: Pros and Cons
  • Managing Investments in Healthcare Services Companies
  • Due Diligence Tactics for Evaluating Deals
  • Distressed Transactions and How They’ve Been Exacerbated by Covid
  • Real Estate Investment Considerations and Expansion Strategies
  • Understanding the Spectrum of Debt Investment Possibilities
  • Restructuring Opportunities in Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities
  • A Discussion of Historical Performance of PE Investments in Healthcare Services
  • Alternatives to Private Equity Transactions for Physicians
  • Negotiating a Private Equity Deal
  • The Opportunity for Expanding into Home-based Care
  • Private Equity Transaction Characteristics Before and After Covid
  • Understanding the Delicate Balance when Working with Investors and Providers

Legal & Regulatory

  • How Representation and Warranties Insurance is Impacting Acquisition Strategies
  • Structuring Professional Services Agreements
  • Legal & Regulatory Issues Impacting Deals
  • Prognostications on how Healthcare Reform Legislation will Impact the Sector
  • Due Diligence Strategies for both Investors and Acquirers
  • What Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny Means for the Market
  • Corporate Practice of Medicine and State-by-state Law Comparison
  • Understanding Fee-splitting, Stark Law, and Anti-kickback Statutes
  • Challenges to Transactions Including Antitrust, Regulatory and Licensure
  • Ownership Structures for MSOs, Sub-MSOs and PC Option Agreements
  • Understanding Governance and Corporate Control Issues
  • Setting up Your Medical PC or PLLC
  • Administrative Services Agreements: Customary Provisions and Fee Structures

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Common Healthcare M&A and Private Equity Rollup Strategies
  • Partnerships, Joint Operating Agreements and Service-line Joint Ventures
  • Why the Business of Healthcare is Driving Consolidation
  • How Add-on Acquisitions Fit into a Macro Platform Strategy
  • Hospital and Health System Transaction Trends: “Merger Lite” Deals
  • Factors Driving Industry Consolidation
  • Payor-provider Transactions Including JVs and Acquisitions
  • Analyzing Vertical Merger Guidelines
  • IT Integration Strategies for Rollups

Finance & Operations

  • What the Transition to Value-based Care means for Providers and Payors
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators that Matter when Seeking Investment
  • Finance and Operational Considerations for Management
  • Reorganization Strategies Including Bankruptcies and Liquidation
  • Understanding What Drives Valuations for Small, Medium and Large Entities
  • Using the Latest Technologies to Support Growth
  • Data Mining and Reporting for Clinical Outcomes Management
  • Payment Models Including Memberships and Concierge Medicine
  • Financial Strategies to Optimize Scale in Local and Regional Markets
  • Adopting Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to Improve Performance

Practice Management

  • Strategic Partnership Development and Managing Relationships
  • Strategies for Expansion into Ancillary Businesses
  • Best Practices for Marketing and Investing in Web-based Patient Channels
  • How a Tightening Labor Supply will Impact Health Services
  • Managing Periodic Reviews of Payor Contracts
  • Compliance Issues and Cybersecurity Treats Specific to Healthcare
  • HR Policies to Recruit Top Talent and Focusing on the Importance of Culture
  • Understanding Patient Satisfaction through Feedback Loops and Surveys
  • The Latest in Physician Recruitment and Retention Models, Popular Compensation Structures
  • Credentialing Tactics to Consider Before and After an Acquisition
  • Post-transaction Management and Governance
  • Why Smart Operators are Reevaluating their Delivery Models
  • Building a Foundation that Aligns Physicians and Equity Stakeholders
  • The Latest MSO Strategies Designed for Growth and Flexibility

Tax & Accounting

  • The CARES Act: PPP Loans, Deferred Payroll Taxes, Medicare Advance Payments, HHS Grants
  • Discussion of Valuation Multiples Across Different Specialities
  • MSO Equity Ownership and Capitalization Considerations
  • Best Practices for Accounting and Audits
  • Accounting Considerations in Large Multi-site Roll Outs
  • MSO Fee Structures: Cost-plus, Fixed-fee, Percentage of Revenue
  • Benefits of MSOs to Independent Physician Groups
  • Choosing the Right Corporate and Tax Structure for your Deal
  • Accounting and Tax Considerations at Every Stage of Growth
  • How Covid has Changed Valuation Approaches
  • Using MSO Structures for Tax Advantages

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