Kathy Gaughran

Senior Marketing Strategist


Healthcare Success

Kathy Gaughran, is the Senior Marketing Strategist at Healthcare Success, one of the nation’s leading healthcare marketing agencies. In her career, Kathy has helped over 10,000 clients all over North America achieve their growth goals. As an award-winning strategic marketing planner, Kathy has been involved in both the high-level strategies required for long-term sustainability, plus the tactical execution used to accomplish the day-to-day successes.

In addition, Kathy has led strategic partnerships with a number of medical device manufacturers.

Kathy helped hundreds of doctors successfully integrate the Medtronic devices into their practices. She also taught her clients how to profitably market their practices to drive more profitability for both. Kathy also led interactive sales trainings.

Kathy is an accomplished speaker, appearing at countless national, local and state healthcare associations. Kathy is a member of the American Marketing Association and The Direct Marketing Association.


    4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday November 15, 2023

    Multi-Location Marketing for M&As and MSOs

    • Keeping pace with healthcare consumerism
    • Recognize marketing as an important revenue center
    • Take a closer look at the patient experience
    • Bring all your stakeholders under the same tent
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