Karl Hess



Texas Health Aetna & Outcome Capital

Karl Hess is a Managing Director with Outcome Capital and leads its HealthTech and digital health practices. Having interacted extensively with hundreds of digital health companies over the years, as well as with dozens of their healthcare and life sciences investors, customers and partners, Karl has become known as a leading subject matter expert on the topics of successful digital health business models, commercialization, investment and technologies. From pharmaceuticals to medical devices and software (SaMD), digital health tools and therapeutics and health optimization and population health management platform technologies to entire care delivery ecosystems, Karl has helped design, develop and commercialize dozens of innovative products and services across the healthcare and life sciences industries, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenues and more than $20B in value-unlocking transactions.


    1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

    Thursday 2023 Module 3 - Physician Extender/Physician Assistant Bootcamp

    Preparing Your Healthcare Services Company for Your Next Transaction

    • Making a positive first impression with investors, partners, and buyers
    • Beneficially framing products, metrics, and value propositions with actionable strategies before “going to market.”
    • Key insights across product development, finance, operations, and marketing
    • Achieving the next value-inflection point in investment, partnership, or acquisition
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