Eric Rosado

Chief Strategy Officer


Karma Health

Mr. Rosado is a true pioneer in the field of Internet Marketing; yet, he considers himself "a student of the market.” He founded his digital marketing agency, Karma Snack, in 2006 and achieved more than 10,000,000 page-one rankings on Google, managed the top 15 Nielsen net rating websites, and earned his clients more than $3 billion over the course of 15 years. Mr. Rosado holds over 20 certifications in Internet Marketing and puts that strategy into action for AT&T, Comcast, Time-Warner, Verizon, HSBC, ING, HP, Bank of America, and Nike, to name a few. As chief strategy officer for Karma Health, a firm oriented to cost control and expense monitoring, performance audits, marketing needs, and expansion strategies of physician practices.

His favorite quote is: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing".-Walt Disney.


1:45 PM - 2:15 PM

Wednesday August 24, 2022

Best Practices for Marketing and Investing in Web-based Patient Acquisition Channels

  • Reaching potential patients online
  • Local SEO, PPC advertising and building social media presence
  • Mobile marketing and the value of eyeballs on smart phone screens
  • Measuring ROI and CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
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