Michael Kallish




As CEO, Mr. Kallish leads Encoda’s corporate strategy and growth. Mr. Kallish’s career in healthcare IT spans 25 years, including operations management, business strategy development, acquisitions, sales and sales management. Prior to Encoda, Mr. Kallish led business development for RemitDATA, Inc., a venture funded, healthcare IT company focused on comparative revenue cycle management (RCM) analytics (acquired by eSolutions).

Prior to RemitDATA, Mr. Kallish led corporate development at Medical Present Value, Inc. (MPV) a healthcare IT company focused on developing SaaS-based RCM and patient access solutions (acquired by Experian). Prior to MPV, Mr. Kallish held senior management positions at leading physician practice management and billing software companies including WebMD Practice Services and Medical Manager Corp. (now part of Greenway Health).


4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Wednesday August 24, 2022

Keeping Pace with Acquisitions From an Operations Perspective

  • Dealing with acquired practices that use different billing platforms
  • Strategies and tools to mitigate billing challenges
  • Maintaining cash flow
  • Creating uniform systems for billing, collections and enterprise reporting
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