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Chief Risk Officer and Head of Consulting


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Evaluating Cyber Risk Across Your Healthcare Portfolio

Historically, private equity firms have primarily relied on the boards of their investment companies to monitor cyber risk within each portfolio company.

As cyberattacks have grown in frequency and severity within the healthcare sector, the potential for returns to be negatively impacted by a cybersecurity incident has also grown. This trend has not gone unnoticed, and investors are now recognizing the need to evaluate cyber risk at the portfolio level.

During this webinar, Jon Moore, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Consulting for Clearwater, the healthcare industry’s #1 rated Security Advisors and Consultants, will provide guidance on how to build a portfolio cyber risk management program that provides the insight needed to manage cyber risk effectively.

Join this program to learn:

  • How to develop a comprehensive understanding of your cybersecurity risk on healthcare investments
  • How to evaluate your portfolio companies through a consistent lens
  • How to use specific methods to identify where the most risk resides and how to mitigate that risk

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