Jay Bronner, MD

Chief Executive Officer


American Orthopedic Partners

Dr. Jay Bronner is a neuroradiologist trained at Johns Hopkins University where he attended medical school, residency and completed his fellowship. Dr. Bronner practiced in Chicago for over 30 years and became the CEO of Radiology Imaging Consultants, a practice which he helped grow from 8 physicians to 88 to become the platform practice of Radiology Partners in 2013. He served as the President and Chief Medical Officer at RP from 2013 until 2020 where he focused on incorporating evidence-based guidelines into clinical practice to drive patient outcomes and lower cost at scale. He also focused on general clinical operations and development.  In 2020, Dr. Bronner started American Orthopedic Partners based on many of the attributes of the proven RP model which he helped to develop as a founder. He also served as the CEO of Team Radiology at Team Health after receiving his MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Wednesday August 24, 2022

Lessons Learned from Completing MSO Roll-Ups

  • Takeaways from hands-on involvement in MSO rollup deals
  • As this business model gains traction, prior deals must be considered as precedent
  • Identifying the pros and cons of the deal
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