Max Reiboldt



Coker Group

Max Reiboldt is president/CEO of Coker Group with over 48 years of financial management and strategic experience with the last 29 years focused on assisting healthcare entities with such. From his oversight of handling healthcare related mergers and acquisitions to advising healthcare entities and/or medical practices on private equity (“PE”) or other transactional integration arrangements, Reiboldt has the expertise needed to guide organizations, especially in such a dynamic age.

Max is a certified public accountant which has proven invaluable as he assists healthcare providers, health systems/hospitals, medical practices and related healthcare entities with financial and management issues faced in today’s evolving marketplace. Whether a transitional provider or a more trailblazing healthcare entity, Max works with these organizations to provide sound solutions to every day and long-range challenges. His recent efforts with PE transactions, representing both buyer and sellers, qualify him to lead the discussions relative to MSOs’ utilization and application in PE deals.


    4:30 PM - 4:55 PM

    Friday October 22, 2021

    The Role of MSOs in Private Equity Transactions

    • Understanding the role, structure, and financial ramifications of MSOs in PE transactions
    • Real life examples of how to apply MSOs to PE transactions and their economic contributions
    • Success story examples and lessons learned from those transactions
    • Transcending the theoretical and strategic to the practical and tactical within MSO structures
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