Mindy Sauter

Co-Founder & Partner


Elliott Sauter

Mindy Sauter served as a trial attorney for the Department of Justice. She has served as both a federal prosecutor and as a state prosecutor, and has had the benefit of conducting hundreds of trials. Mrs. Sauter directed some of the most complex health care prosecutions, including cases of home health and hospice fraud, multi-jurisdictional FDA investigations, and durable medical equipment and pharmaceutical cases. She also prosecuted other complex white collar crimes, including public corruption cases, on behalf of the United States government.

Mrs. Sauter’s work for the United States government has left her with an intricate understanding of investigatory and prosecutory procedures and tactics. She also developed a deep understanding of the complex regulations relating to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, FDA, HIPAA, the Department of Labor, and claims to private insurance payors.

Mrs. Sauter assists clients in navigating healthcare investigations and defending healthcare criminal and civil charges. In addition to her defense work, Mrs. Sauter works with healthcare clients to put in place and improve compliance policies and procedures that can help them avoid investigations and liability in the future.


    11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

    Friday October 22, 2021

    Prioritizing ‘FWA’ Compliance Programs

    • Why a strong Fraud, Waste & Abuse compliance program presents an obstacle to enforcement action and payor audits
    • Understanding how investors can mitigate their risk by implementing relatively inexpensive controls
    • How to identify effective and ineffective FWA compliance programs
    • What actions you should prioritize to quickly improve the efficacy of a FWA compliance program
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